Saraceni House
Why we built the addition
Blueprints and other plans
Prep Work - late April/ early May, 2005
Demolition - May 9th, 2005
Excavation and footings - May 11 - 24
Foundation Walls 5/26 - 28
Framing 5/31 -6/23
Windows n' Such 6/24 - 7/13
Chimney, siding & interior paint 7/14 - 10/15
Completed Family & Dining Room
Completed Livingroom
Completed Master Bedroom & Bath
Completed Kitchen
some small rooms also completed
Wine Cellar
Backyard Pizza and Bread Oven
The REAL Saraceni House

The Restoration and Renovation of a 1926 “Kit House”


This home was built by a Methodist Book Publishing Company in 1926 as part of a planned neighborhood for housing their workers.  The land, formerly a working farm, was owned and developed by Lyman French, who in addition to the family farm, the publishing and the land development businesses, was also, apparently, mayor of the town at the time.  The home he lived in is two doors down and across the street from this site, and the street itself is named after him.


We've been restoring the house since 1998, and have added an addition in the summer of 2005 to gain a third bedroom.  This website documents the construction. 


April 2005

January 2007

Side of house, April 2005

Side of house, January 2007

Rear of house with shed addition from the '80's

Rear of house, January 2007